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Tertullian’s works outlined Western Christian doctrine at its earliest phase

Tertullian’s works outlined Western Christian doctrine at its earliest phase

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Tertullian had been a very early christian apologist, theologian, and moralist from Carthage, North Africa. Articulate and zealous, Tertullian ended up being very educated into the industries of legislation, rhetoric, literary works, Greek, and Latin. Their works somewhat impacted the church that is early providing form and meaning to Western Christian theology, along with his impact nevertheless resonates today. Because the first major theologian to produce considerable Christian literature in Latin, Tertullian attained the name of “Father of Latin Theology. ”

Fast Facts: Tertullian

  • Also Called: Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus
  • Recognized For: Prolific Christian author whom produced the first formal doctrinal works of Western Christianity
  • Born: the date that is exact of delivery is unknown; almost certainly in Carthage (now Tunisia), North Africa between 145-160 A.D.
  • Passed away: After 220 A.D. In Carthage (now Tunisia), North Africa
  • Posted Works: Ad Nationes, Apologeticum, Ad Martyras, Adversus Hermogenem, Adversus Marcionem, De Carne Christi, De Resurrectione Carnis, and a whole lot more.
  • Notable Quote: “The bloodstream of this martyrs may be the seed for the church. ”

Early Life

Tertullian was created in Carthage, a Roman province in North Africa that is now Tunisia.

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