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4 protection Lessons from the Ashley Madison Hack

4 protection Lessons from the Ashley Madison Hack

?you’ve heard about the hack of Ashley Madison, the website dedicated to making extramarital affairs as easy as online dating unless you’ve been truly off the grid the past few weeks.

Will you be one particular unlucky would-be Romeos whose account details on Ashley Madison are now actually bared to hackers, crooks, reporters, and protection analysts?

Yes? Oops. Well, here are a few recommendations for how to prevent this style of anxiety as time goes by.

No? Whew! But that doesn’t suggest you’re safe from future assaults for this kind, just because web sites you tend to take your time in are more reputable.

So let’s have a look at some practical classes from the Ashley Madison hack from the safety and privacy viewpoint.

Morality just isn’t the class

First, let’s explore exactly what shouldn’t be the course, at the very least from a protection point of view: Morality.

Most of the snickering schadenfreude out here about Ashley Madison users getting their comeuppance through public shaming misses the purpose. This type of assault may have occurred to virtually any interest that is special on the net for any explanation (and it also does, as I’ll reveal soon).

This time around the assault was on (mostly) males that wished to have an affair, as well as the attackers’ reported motive was the unscrupulous methods of Ashley Madison’s business policies, particularly the ongoing company’s offer of “deletion” of account information for the charge, which evidently ended up being a site that didn’t quite deliver on its claims.

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