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Ask the Yangxifu: Opposite-Sex Friendships in Asia

Ask the Yangxifu: Opposite-Sex Friendships in Asia

Eleanor asks:

I’ve recently befriended A chinese pupil right here in the usa. We lived in Asia for just two years and talk Chinese pretty much fluently, but my grasp of Chinese friendship/dating culture is still pretty basic. He and I also have actually discussed examining the chance of being a lot more than buddies, but both of us decided to just just simply take more hours to make the journey to understand one another in the same way buddies for the time being rather than to hurry any such thing. I think there’s an evident undercurrent of attraction if we decided we were unsuitable romantically that he would back off friendship-wise as well between us, and I’m worried that. In Asia, i did son’t see numerous opposite-sex friendships (besides with a high college aged children), and I stress when we don’t wind up dating that i’d lose him as a buddy too. We like and respect this person a whole lot, that our friendship can continue even if one of us finds someone else so I hope you can reassure me.

A lot of my closest buddies in China are actually men — including Peter, some guy we also call my “older sibling. ” But not one of them are ex-Chinese boyfriends. And given other yangxifu Jessica‘s response in this essay about dating and marrying men that are chinese I’m not by yourself:

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